INTERVIEW SERIES PART 3 - Shannah Warwick of BlckBts

INTERVIEW with Shannah Warwick of @BlckBts #Fashion #accessories #handmade #nuno #felted

Today we’re excited to share another post in our interview series. Shannah Warwick is a textile artist and fashion designer who creates spectacular accessories. She owns BlkBts, a great shop that showcases her dramatic scarves, shawls, and other creations.

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What is your professional background?

From a fashion and business perspective, I worked in a high-end woman’s boutique for about 6 years. In…

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July birthstone: Ruby

All about the July birthstone: Ruby

Oh, you lucky July babies!  You get a spectacular birthstone: the ruby.  Red being my favourite colour, I think you’re pretty lucky to have such a gorgeous gem.

Rubies are a variety of the mineral corundum, which also includes sapphires.  (Any corundum that isn’t red is a sapphire.)  They occur naturally in pink to blood red, the colour due to the presence of chromium.  Rubies have a hardness of…

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Interview Series Part 2 - Adam Tupper

Interview with Adam Tupper of Wonder Geeks Activate @WonderGeeks #geek #Ottawa

Welcome to part 2 in Drakestail Jewellery’s interview series with interesting, fun and fascinating artistic people Robyn and I have had the pleasure of working with over the years we’ve been making jewellery. Some we met professionally on collaborative projects, others we met personally and wanted to interview because we love what they do. The subject of today’s interview falls into the latter…

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